Supporting attorneys who represent the indigent accused and people exonerated by the Ohio Innocence Project


Friends to the Indigent believes a respectful and fair criminal justice system depends on having strong indigent defense in place for the poor accused.

We seek to supplement however and wherever necessary to make sure lawyers representing the poor of our community are well-trained and well-prepared to zealously and effectively represent their clients.

Friends is the fiscal sponsor of the Exonerees Fund of the Post-Release Suppport Project. The Exonerees Fund provides necessary support directly to people exonerated by the Ohio Innocence Project in the form of loans and grants. Donate to the Exonorees Fund

Quick Facts

  • Raise money to fund top-notch trial training
  • Designed to assist public defenders and other appointed counsel in Hamilton County, Ohio
  • Used litigation as a means to require county leaders to provide proper training and educational resources for the Hamilton County Public Defender’s office


Courtroom in Cincinnati


Remembering James B. Helmer, Esq.

Friends to the Indigent and the Exonerees Fund mourn the loss of attorney James B. Helmer.

Memorial contributions may be directed to Friends to the Indigent, Inc. Solely for the Post-Release Support Project using the donation button below or by sending your tax-deductible donation to Friends to the Indigent, 114 E. 8th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.



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Friends is a 501(c)(3) charity. We assist those who provide representation to the indigent accused in their training and educational needs.


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